Mills University was formed in 1998 by Real Estate Investor, Professional and Educator Kevin Mills. Mills University was formed to provide complete, comprehensive and professional, collegiate level education and trainings in an ethical and moral way.

Our courses and trainings are powerful and applicable resources that allow students to quickly learn and engage in their chosen pursuits. Students who choose the Real Estate Investing and Purchasing Tax Liens and Deeds Courses acquire a complete education which includes history, understanding the industry, relevent terms and practices, fundamentals, strategies and more. These courses provide the foundation to build and grow a successful career in Ral Estate Investing or in Purchasing Tax Lien and Deeds. Students that choose the Mills University Corporations, Trusts. LLC and Partnerships course acquire a complete understand of these various entities, how to use them, how to use them in conjunction with each other and how to use them to protect, hold and build assets as well as how to properly form these entities on their own.

Currently, mainstream Institutions of Learning do not provide these types of trainings. Mills University provides Real Life, Real World training that turns students into educated and enlightened investors.

Unlike many other similar training courses in these realm, Mills University does not offer various different levels or apptitudes to buy into. We do not promote or sell any coaching or mentorship programs. We do not offer any magic products that will supposedly allow you to short cut your way to investing wealth. We only provide real, effective, proven education.

We offer three different, stand alone programs, none of which have an upsell product or training attached to them. We also sponser the Kevin Mills Real Estate Buyers Event. The Real Estate Buyers Event is a hands on course designed to put investors in front of high performance properties while providing an education and strategies specific to a market and type of property(s) along with resources and contacts in that market. This is an excellent opportunity for investors, new and accomplished to acquire real, performing, cash flowing properties and an understanding and foot hold in a market to where they can continue to invest and fourish.

Read more about the Real Estate Buyers Events Here.