Mills University was founded upon the principles of providing real, actual and applicable knowledge that can be used to power the ambitions of our students.


Mills University courses did deep and provide the most complete and comprehensive trainings possible to allow students to be able to see every possible aspect and option and make complete use of their education..


Our programs are designed to allow students to start using their education quickly and start applying this information and education quickly and confidently to start achieving their goals.

Real World

Our programs are not based on theory or ideas, they are based on actual, tangible, real world experience. The authors of our educational programs as well as the Mills University faculty are working, professional investors with successful track records.


Having the most complete, comprehensive education behind you means having the power to quickly evaluate opportunities and make decisions. It allows you the confidence to pursue and acquire opportunities that less enlightened investors would be afraid of. This means profit. More profitable opportunities and more profit in your deals.