We believe that education can never be “complete”.

Every course available from Mills University is comprehensive and you will not find a greater education anywhere and we make sure of that. We are the best, we want to be the best and we will do everything we need to to stay the best. This means providing the very best education, methods, instructors, resources and more. This means constantly reviewing and updating every one of our courses and updating and building our resources.

Because we believe that no education can ever be complete, this means that you can never be finished learning and we want to be here for your continuing and updated education. To accomplish this, we provide every student with lifetime Alumni access to their courses and resources. 

Lifetime access means online access to future live presentations and classes as well as the archive of recordings from past presentations and classes. This also includes access to our growing student body and fellow Alumni. Access their shared notes, comments, study groups, networking groups and more. Access your course online at any time for review or updated information.

Lifetime access also means always having access to our ever growing list of resources.

We also hope that lifetime access includes you sharing your experience, knowledge and network with other students and Alumni.

This is our lifetime commitment to you for a lifetime of educational excellence.

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