Purchasing Tax Liens & Deeds Course

The Mills University Purchasing Tax Liens and Deeds course is based upon decades of experience purchasing tax lines and deeds at auction, over the counter and from third parties. This course on purchasing tax liens and deeds is the most complete and comprehensive course available anywhere from any source.

This lesser known real estate investing strategy involves purchasing delinquent tax liens or deeds on property for significant income or property acquisition.

Other institutes of higher learning do not offer this course. Other courses that are available are incomplete and lack information.

The Mills University course on Purchasing Tax Liens and Deeds provides the history and back ground on tax liens and deeds, how they came about. What the differences between a tax lien and deed are, how the act differently as an investment instrument and how they work. How to research tax liens and deeds and the properties they are secured by. How to purchase tax liens and deeds at the tax auctions, over the counter and from third party individuals and vendors.

This course will give you the education and resources to get started purchasing tax liens and deeds right away.

At Mills University we have worked to be will work to continue to be the pre-eminent source of education available for these subjects.