Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s & Partnerships Course

Understanding how to make money may seem like everything but it is just part of the bigger picture. Learn how to protect yourself and your business as well as your assets and the assets of your businesses and also how to build wealth and assets with Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s and Partnerships.

Learn how each of these entities is different, how they work differently to provide wealth building and asset protection and how they can be used together to provide bullet proof protection. Learn how and where to form these entities on your own and how to use them to protect yourself and your business while gaining wealth.

Understanding how these business entities work, operate and exists will allow you greater profitability, protection and leverage in your investing and any other business venture.

The Mills University Corporations, Trust, LLC’s and Partnerships course will provide you with the basic overviews, structures and understanding of Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s and Partnerships.

At Mills University we have worked to be will work to continue to be the pre-eminent source of education available for these subjects.