Real Estate Buyers Events

Mills University hosts two different levels of Real Estate Buyers Events. Some events are open ONLY to Masters Course Students and Alumni. Other Real Estate Buyers Events are open to Masters Course Students and Alumni as well as Students and Alumni that have taken the full Mills University Real Estate Course.

Attendees of the Real Estate Buyers Events obtain first hand knowledge and real world experience in performing markets with investments earning 50% and greater annual ROIs. Many of the markets in which we conduct these events offer investment opportunities with greater than 50% annual ROI’s.

The knowledge, resources and contacts attendees will acquire at this event is in and of itself, powerful. This knowledge, resources, contacts and more can be used as a tool to build real estate wealth, even with no actual money of their own invested. All attendees will learn real, no gimmick strategies that we ourselves as well as past attendees are currently using to earn $10K, $20K, $30K, even $50K and more per month and even per week as many are actually doing. We will show you how to build this same type of real estate business generating cash from just your knowledge, connections, resources and your own efforts. We will show you everything you need to know and provide you with the knowledge, resources, contacts and more to get started day one after this event, all you have to do it provide the drive and the time to build it as big as you want it.

We will also show you how to use this knowledge, resources and contacts to build investment partnerships that will start earning you returns in as little as a few months.

These strategies alone could earn a motivated investor Millions every year, but our goal is to educate investors in passive cash flow. Letting their money work for them while they enjoy the lifestyle it affords them. To that end, our Millionaire Maker Pledge applies to just that. That’s right, our Millionaire Maker Pledge is directed at investors who want to have a low stress investing experience, limited time and effort involved. That’s right, be a Millionaire doing it the easy way and we will show you exactly how to do it.

We provide these other opportunities because we want you to start investing right away. We understand that not everyone who is motivated to be an investor has the financial ability to do so. We don’t want this to be a reason that stops a motivated and driven investor. This is why we provide trainings that allow new investors to earn with little and even no money so that they can take the gains from these strategies and place them into passive investments.

Attendees are shown first hand the types of properties to buy and where and how to buy them in these markets. Attendees learn the specific proven strategies for these markets that mean maximum cash-flows for their investments. Attendees learn how to build a local team in these markets to support their investments and investing efforts. What to look for and what to expect from those team members. Attendees are introduced to local professionals including licensed real estate agents that will provide attendees a steady supply of properties that fit these criteria. Property managers familiar with the market and the strategies we utilize to maximize our cash-flows. Lending sources that specialize in investor finance. Service professionals and more. Attendees are welcome to use these professionals on their own team or seek out qualified professionals that meet their needs.

We show attendees of the Real Estate Buyers Event how to find these properties and evaluate them. We will, as a group, identify and evaluate properties available in these markets and select properties that meet our investment criteria. Attendees of the Real Estate Buyers Event will review these properties in person as a group on day four of this event. Participants in this event are encouraged to make offers on these properties. Investors who attend these Real Estate Buyers Events ready to invest in great properties go home with performing assets in their portfolios.

Are you ready to take your investing game to the next level? Are you ready to be a real life, Real Estate Investing Millionaire?

Others tell you they can teach you to be a Millionaire, they even use the word “Millionaire” in their training title and descriptions but no one else will actually show you the specific types of properties to buy. Where and how to buy them. Specific strategies for huge cash flows. Specific numbers to show exactly how to do this, step by step, all the way, not just getting started We don’t play games. We don’t have multiple different programs and services to sell you, we don’t have multiple different levels to buy into for trainings. We have put together a straight forward, to the point investing program that builds Millionaires!

If you are ready to for a life changing education and hands on experience like no other, backed by the reality that you will be a Millionaire if you simply put into practice what you learn at the Real Estate Buyers Event. If you are ready to do more, earn more, be more and be a legitimate Real Estate Investing Millionaire with over a Million dollars in annual cash flow, over a Million dollars worth of equity in your real estate portfolio and an investment portfolio of Millions of dollars, this is the event for you.

Real Estate Buyers Events include Buying trips for Multi-Family, H.U.D. Homes, Section 8, Single Family, Vacation Rentals, New Construction, Burgeoning Markets and More…