Investor Masters Course

The Mills University Masters Course includes complete online access to our Real Estate Principles I & II, Real Estate Investors, Tax Liens and Deeds and our Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s and Partnerships Courses.

More than just a packaging of our entire course catalog, the Masters Course begins with one week of intensive live instruction where students learn the foundations of real estate investing. Students receive materials including text books, audio recordings and access to the Masters online course as well as the entire catalog of Mills University courses.

Our Real Estate Investing Masters Course has been designed to provide students with the information that will make them a true real estate and investing professional and domineering force in the field real estate.

The Mills University Real Estate Investing Masters Course includes history, terminology, the definitions and explanations of terminology, strategies, history, law, procedures, ethics, best practices and more. Since there isn’t just one great strategy that works in every single instance, this course is packed with a magnitude of strategies for acquiring, holding and liquidating real estate assets as well as investment strategies aimed at maximizing returns from real estate investments.

The Mills University Real Estate Investing Masters Course begins with an in person, information packed week long classroom course. Students will receive text books and other materials at the live classroom event,  Students will complete the week long event with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and formulas most important to investing in real estate and the benefits of various strategies. They will continue their education online with access to the Real Estate Masters Course Work, as well as all of the Real Estate Investing, Tax Lien and Deed and Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s and Partnerships course modules.

Masters Level Events are available to all Masters Course Students and Alumni. These are power packed events focused on market specific strategies for various different U.S. markets. Some current Masters Level Events include Multi Family, Section 8 Housing and Vacation Property Buying Events. Alumni choose just the events for which they are interested in participating. These events include additional education on specifics related to the event. Because these events are designed for just Masters Alumni they are more streamlined and laser focused.

Masters Students and Alumni also have access to other live events either in person, live online participation and access to archived events.

At Mills University we have worked to be and will continue to work to be the preeminent source of education available for investing education.