Our Community

A community provides us with a foundation and support. A strong community and a strong connection to that community allows for a more substantive growth and success. Our community extends beyond our own circle of faculty, staff and students. It includes current and future investors, educators, professionals and more. Virtually anyone could potentially fit into anyone of these communities. By reaching out into and even beyond our community, we facilitate opportunities to find and interact with as many of these individuals as possible.

We encourage and foster community engagement and and involvement for our faculty, staff and students and it is a key element expressed in our curriculum. Through the Mills University Learning Platform, students are able to take notes online and to share them with faculty, staff, past, present and future students as well as access notes from past and present students who have also shared their notes. Since Mills University students are provided with lifetime access, all students have access to a growing resource of notes and information as well as a growing community of fellow investors.

Our community outreach includes support of Directed Real Estate Professionals (DREP) real estate club as well as other real estate clubs. By making workshops, presentations and resources available to Mills University students and club participants, we are working to grow a community of honest, ethical and educated investors, professionals and educators.

Our commitment to our own community, students, alumni, faculty and staff includes continuing education and access to an updated and ever growing list of resources at no additional costs.

Our commitment to the community runs deep and defines us as an institution.

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